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Parkings are always a trouble SPACEY helps you park with ease!

Find your Parking Spot

Its very easy to find the nearest available parking space from your location.
You can also have a look of all the parking slots available.

Locate your vehicle easily!!

Its very common that we forget the place where we have parked our vehicle
Spacey allows you to save your parking lot and get back to it with ease

If you want to create a parking solutions or any other solutions, feel free to contact team tigris. We are an IT Solution provider having customers round the globe. We also have a range of products as listed below.
SPACEY was developed to solve small problems which we all face in the parking systems.

Our services

A specialized team working on Mobile, Web for various organizations round the globe. We also specialize in Blockchain, Machine learning and various other platforms.


AutoPad is an easy to use application for the service centres. It helps the service centre to enter and store all the informations related to a customer and their jobs. Currently more than 500 service stations use the solution.


SalesPad is a solution used for tracking, monitoring and getting the best out of your sales force or sales engineers. Its a mobile and web based CRM highly integrated with backend solutions and is very easy to use


FisherPad is a Android based app created for the fisherman to store locations / way-points and get direction to those way-points. The varient NAVIPRO is also used by trekkers, cyclists, riders and off-roaders

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